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Why Askly?

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What is Askly?
Askly is a platform for students from all over the world. The site is primarily aimed at high and high school students, although the platform is also used by students. Anyone registered can post answer questions.
You need help?
Imagine you are struggling with your calculus and calculus homework. If you really need help, you can call your classmate. But today students have a new option - Askly - to use the wisdom of the crowd to learn together.
We have the answers!
Askly encourages users to answer questions through gamification and a points system. Post your question in a minute. Users get free points every time they enter the platform. However, users get even more points by answering questions. Users receive an additional bonus point if their answer is considered the best answer.
How do points work?
By helping others you collect points which you can exchange for prizes. User ratings are based on the number of points and the "best answers" they scored on the site. Askly moderators check the correctness and relevance of the conten